Double Denim by Jyoti Goel

Is denim your favorite material? Good for you! Learn the best way to play your denim this season.

Denim styled with a different tone denim, separated by neutral toned belt. Distressed/ripped denim teamed with full sleeve denim shirts and broken up with neutral jackets. Girls accessorize it with your favorite gold or silver treasures and white sneakers. Men's spark it up with their favorite Chelsea boots and a colored bandana/scarf.

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Summer Spirit by Jyoti Goel

I moved to this cultural and historical city of Basel in Switzerland last week with my husband. I got that perfect positive vibe from the city and people here. There is so much to explore and see here that I think I will be behaving like a tourist for the next few months. Its full of art, culture and history here, just like a European city I had imagined. With the mode of settling in, navigating through its logistics everyday and channeling the comfortable way of livelihood in a new country, yet I got the chance to explore the city with carefree spirit!

The Look | Blouse - Vero moda, Jeans - Levi's, Bag - Aanchal Kanodia, Shoes - Pesaro, Accessories - Charming Charlie.

I am so excited and happy to explore new brands. I was always in love with the European fashion and finally I am here. Yeah!! Easy effortless style, little to no makeup, and low maintenance hair (or just put a hat on it!). I scooped it up with colorful tribal looking accessories.

What to Wear: Summer Vacations by Jyoti Goel

As the temperature starts to rise, our cities & towns clear out as everyone heads to their summer break destinations. It’s time to reset your summer style. From a refreshing beach getaway to a family road trip almost anywhere, here’s some style inspiration for any (well-deserved) vacation.


Life’s always better on an exotic beach, right? Make sure you pack lightly in more ways that one! Opt for denim shorts, lace tanks/tops & flats for your travel style. A straw hat acts as the perfect beach accessory -protecting you from that unwanted sun burn. Carry a boho satchel for that perfect flavor of the tropics. When packing your bags, consider that there might be humidity. Think breathable and  natural fabrics like cotton, linen or a rayon blend.

Tropical Vacation

The Look | Violeta by Mango Openwork Top, Natural White,One Teaspoon Bandit Distressed Denim Shorts,Office Odelle Skinny Strap Slingback,Sole Society Exie Mini Fringe Shoulder Bag,Jewel Exclusive Sterling Silver Genuine Moonstone Man Earrings.


Headed to a dreamy seaside escape? Keep it ocean-appropriate with preppy pops of color like orange/yellow, all the navy & white stripes that you can find, and the occasional embroidered top for styling your shorts and skirts. I recommend a bag back or a medium size satchel—it’s roomy for towels & sunscreen, and sand shakes right off/out! Give your outfit a character by mixing light navy see throw shorts with a white tank. Wear a button down or side tie draped jacket casually over your shoulders to add a dash of extra prep!

Beach Getaway

The Look | H&M Embroidered chiffon top, Kiki de Montparnasse Shadow paneled silk shorts, 15- Coachella bag, Jacket Pinterest, J.Crew Woven Straw D'orsay Flats With Ankle Tie.


Stay stylish & comfortable on your next road trip in pieces that keep you cool while you’re cruising. Whether you’re in a convertible with the top down & radio up or in a midsize family van, you need breezy layers to protect you from the sun that can easily peel off at the excessive exposure of sun. Wear a lace spaghetti strap dress or more revealing tank for road trip perfection. Pair with a denim jacket to keep you cool & comfy, and also, it can be a great way to pull off monochromatic look without feeling too bland.

Road Trip

The Look | No. 21 Eyelet and Tassel Mini Dress, Rebecca Minkoff Large Round Sofia Crossbody Necklace, etdesigner's boy adventure's Jacket, Treasure&Bond Canvas Crossbody Bag, Amazon shoes, Hat.


Bright lights & big cities call for going out outfits. If you’re headed to an urban jungle this summer, don’t be afraid to pack black—even in the warmer climates. Just pair it back to statement top and bomber jacket/ blazer, preppy shorts & statement accessories for impact. Beware of indoor air conditioning and those extra miles you need to walk!  In that case replace the shorts with jeans and slip inside a pair of comfy shoes instead of the peep toe booties.

Urban Adventure

The Look | HM Detail Blouse, Dannijo Piper Necklace, Chloe shorts, LucLuc Vintage Bomber, Meli Melo The Duma Pony Hair Clutch.

Kill Fashion Mistakes by Jyoti Goel

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In today's busy world we are always bombarded with work. The schedule demands us to move quick, reach places or events on time which can be a real challenge in urban cities. It doesn't allow us to plan an outfit for the outing. Thus, we always tend to dress quick, compromising on giving a thought to what we are wearing - this can lead to a fashion disaster. So today, I am going to share some tips with you about the small little things to remember before choosing an attire for any particular outing, which will help you avoid fashion mistakes.

Think about the following before pulling out a dress from your wardrobe.

1. Two Positives in Fashion is always a Negative - No two items that you wear together should both be attention grabbers. For example, if you are wearing that beautiful printed jacket of yours, don't wear an eye catchy waist belt with that. Rather wear a subtle belt and finish the look with a bright solid color shoe. Don't try to accentuate all the pieces you are wearing in the same look.

 2. Don't be to Matchy-Matchy - Don't put together dominant prints in the same look. For example, don't put animal print top, an animal print shoe and an animal print belt together at the same time. And don't be too monochromatic either - meaning don't wear the same color dress, belt, bag and shoes. Break the monochromaticity by adding one different color to either of these. If you are fond of wearing all printed, read more about how to mix prints and patterns.

3. Always create a look that suits your Body Type - Size doesn't matter but shape does. Like, don't wear puffy shouldered blazer or a shoulder embroidered top if you already have a broad shoulder. Instead, wear a peplum top that cinches your waist, and so that the flaring on the bottom balances out your shoulders. Highlight your assets and downplay your weaknesses.

4. Fit of a Garment - Have you put on weight in the last 6 months? Is that shirt or dress not fitting you right? Just critique yourself. If you think it is not fitting you properly, don't wear it. Instead, find a tailor who can fix it to your current figure. Or just recycle/donate it.

5. Match your Underwear with your Dress - Often in rush we tend to forget about changing our undergarments while putting on a new look - this can be a big fashion disaster. Like, never wear a dark, colorful or printed bra and panties with your white jumpsuits. Wear the correct bra type for each style.

6. Don't match open Toe Shoes with Tights/Socks - The following is really a frequently repeated mistake by very many ladies. If the shoes are created with an open toe design, the designers really meant that! The open design is meant to show your toes and not the edges of the tights or socks. The correct method is to pick the right pieces for the right season, wearing open toe shoes barefoot, and not forgetting the pedicure.


Rose Quartz & Serenity by Jyoti Goel

The Look | Blouse - Loft, Jeans - Banana Republic, Coat - Mango, Bag - Coach, Shoes - Inch 5, Sunglass- RayBan, Earring- Van Heusen. 

The color of the year 2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrates an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. Whether in soft or hard surface material, the pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity brings calm and relaxation. Appealing in all finishes, matte, metallic and glossy, experts say the engaging combo joins easily with other mid-tones including greens and purples, rich browns, and all shades of yellow and pink. Add in silver, white or ivory for more splash and sparkle.

I picked this fresh and springy blouse and denim to showcase my love for this symbolic color selection of the year, which is also a color snapshot that serves my expression of mood and attitude. Rose Quartz, old rose, and canyon clay have always been my favorite in the past few years, so I am looking forward to paint my self into it..haha!

I shot these pictures while touring in San francisco, California. It was a perfect location and weather to shoot these colors. The city is so picturesque and serene, I almost got lost in its calmness.