Delicate lace blouse / by Jyoti Goel

The Look | Blouse- Zara Delicates collection, Skirt- Zara, Earrings- Banana republic, Clutch- A vintage find inside my mum's closet, Shoes- Michael Kors.

Before the fall rolls in, let me put together that last summer look and make the most out of it. I know you all will agree with me that a great outfit starts from a great pair of shoes. I'm always on the lookout for cool heels in which I can actually run around. I'm not a 5" heel kinda girl other than for 5 minutes as my feet would murder me. So happy that I found this pair of brown pumps by Michael Kors. It's a versatile piece under 4 inches, and is kind to my feet and bold to my outfit. It is so well made and structured that I felt for it at the first glance. This is one of those shoes that talk to you - it said,  'come on try me on'. I found them at the DSW store, one of my favorites in town these days. They have even better collection for men's shoes. I think I found my classic piece. Did you?

What am I wearing? It's beautiful soft lace blouse clubbed with a floral yellow skirt. I loved the blouse for it's easy breezy look. It has a pearl embellishment on the neckline, adding to its elegance. For me the details combined together make the biggest impact. The softly printed floral skirt was a must buy, as to my eyes, nothing beats a floral print. The movement of the skirt is lovely. I can pretty much bounce around in it anywhere. I am a minimalist when it comes to accessories but you can add a pearl bracelet or an ornamental style earring to the look. This look will tune well with that morning barge party, or even with that night picnic at your backyard. The weather is so beautiful in upstate NewYork now, that I am always on the lookout for outdoor party ideas with friends. I hope you guys had a great time dressing up this summer.

Thanks to Abhishek Srivastava for taking the photos. Do check out his work at