Embrace Your Curve / by Jyoti Goel

Everything we see a model wearing in a magazine, or a celebrity wearing in a movie, might not look good when we wear it. This is because it is important to dress proportionately. Today I am sharing some solid styling tips for women with a triangular figure, that is, women who have a small top and a large bottom. The idea is to balance and slenderize the silhouette, by enhancing the shoulders and downplaying the wider part of the body. Here are the three looks.

Look 1 | A bright color, bold print, stripes, or heavy textured top will be flattering for pear shaped women. Blouses that have boat neck or round wide neckline accentuate the upper part. Darker colors, clean lines and simple stitching works best for the lower half. Embellished pockets on lower half should be avoided.

Look 2 | Wear an empire dress - It's fitted just under your bust and then flows out in A-line style. Adding a belt in the empire line of a dress creates a focal point and also works great for this shape. The printed cowl scarf when blended with the solid color dress catches the viewers eyes and enhances your shoulder area.

Look 3 | Adding a different colored jacket, cape or shrug to your monochromatic look helps draw that attention to the upper part of your body. Tops with nipped or fitted waist, flutter or ruches sleeves helps in enhancing your shoulder area. And, when it comes to making your curves look their best, invest in a high-waist skinny jeans, it goes a long way. From petite to tall women, from curvy girls to slender builds and athletic ladies, high-rise jeans are universally the most flattering. This is because they hug yours hips at the right place and make your waist look smaller.

These easy tricks help curvy ladies get the illusion of having a thinner waist while maximizing their feminine shapes.

A special Thanks! to my dear friend Jessie who is my model for this styling session. She is beautiful, adorable and photogenic. We had a great time shooting together. Every styling assignment comes with a different fun element. For this assignment, the fun element was working with Jessie. We hopped to different locations in downtown Ithaca and completed the shoot in one day.