Blending Textures / by Jyoti Goel

The Look | Dress- Zara, Coat- Banana Republic, Bag- Coach, Shoes- Steve Madden, Accessories- Mocking Bird.

Walking through this beautiful and lively campus, I felt so liberated and free.  And now that I know it's my last fall and winter in this scenic place, I try to appreciate every moment of it.  The feelings that I have remind me very much about how I feel about fashion in general - it propels me to fly like a free bird. And, I love that it sets my imagination wild.  

While playing with different textures, I paired a full sleeve printed dress with a tailored denim trench coat. I am in an affair of love with this fall dress. It is slightly gathered at the waist line which adds to the beautiful movement of the dress. I always get attracted to the curated small details in a garment - like in this dress, the golden buttons down pattern on the back side of the dress and on the sleeve cuffs. For me, styling a look isn't just about one garment, it's about how you put together the new and some already possessed pieces. The leather-swede boots with glittery details, gave me so much power and strength with each step. When I am not wearing casual I like to match the color of my bag and shoes. The satchel is in pebble leather with a bit of sheen. I loved it's gracefully curved shape and lightweight in-spite of its tough exterior. When it comes to the bag, it has to compliment itself with the minimalist design structure.

Photo Courtesy- Abhishek Srivastava