Kill Fashion Mistakes / by Jyoti Goel

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In today's busy world we are always bombarded with work. The schedule demands us to move quick, reach places or events on time which can be a real challenge in urban cities. It doesn't allow us to plan an outfit for the outing. Thus, we always tend to dress quick, compromising on giving a thought to what we are wearing - this can lead to a fashion disaster. So today, I am going to share some tips with you about the small little things to remember before choosing an attire for any particular outing, which will help you avoid fashion mistakes.

Think about the following before pulling out a dress from your wardrobe.

1. Two Positives in Fashion is always a Negative - No two items that you wear together should both be attention grabbers. For example, if you are wearing that beautiful printed jacket of yours, don't wear an eye catchy waist belt with that. Rather wear a subtle belt and finish the look with a bright solid color shoe. Don't try to accentuate all the pieces you are wearing in the same look.

 2. Don't be to Matchy-Matchy - Don't put together dominant prints in the same look. For example, don't put animal print top, an animal print shoe and an animal print belt together at the same time. And don't be too monochromatic either - meaning don't wear the same color dress, belt, bag and shoes. Break the monochromaticity by adding one different color to either of these. If you are fond of wearing all printed, read more about how to mix prints and patterns.

3. Always create a look that suits your Body Type - Size doesn't matter but shape does. Like, don't wear puffy shouldered blazer or a shoulder embroidered top if you already have a broad shoulder. Instead, wear a peplum top that cinches your waist, and so that the flaring on the bottom balances out your shoulders. Highlight your assets and downplay your weaknesses.

4. Fit of a Garment - Have you put on weight in the last 6 months? Is that shirt or dress not fitting you right? Just critique yourself. If you think it is not fitting you properly, don't wear it. Instead, find a tailor who can fix it to your current figure. Or just recycle/donate it.

5. Match your Underwear with your Dress - Often in rush we tend to forget about changing our undergarments while putting on a new look - this can be a big fashion disaster. Like, never wear a dark, colorful or printed bra and panties with your white jumpsuits. Wear the correct bra type for each style.

6. Don't match open Toe Shoes with Tights/Socks - The following is really a frequently repeated mistake by very many ladies. If the shoes are created with an open toe design, the designers really meant that! The open design is meant to show your toes and not the edges of the tights or socks. The correct method is to pick the right pieces for the right season, wearing open toe shoes barefoot, and not forgetting the pedicure.