Shopping Secrets / by Jyoti Goel

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In today's world, your image matters. People make quick assessment of who you are. Managing your appearance and making a good first impression is key. Creating the perfect look begins from picking the right piece of clothing for yourself. Learn some helpful shopping tips I have in store for you, and be your own 'shopping expert'.

  • Shop when you are feeling good: This makes it easy to determine if something is looking nice on you.
  • Investment buys: Invest in timeless pieces which form the core of your closet, like jackets, skirts, dresses and pants, which last long, and can be worn and styled in multiple ways.
  • Keep updating your 'Fashion buys': They are the current trendy pieces which are in today and out tomorrow, like crop tops, palazzo pants etc. Try to make the best out of it while it is in fashion.
  • Always go for quality over quantity.
  • Choose your brands: By now, you probably know your favorite designer's brand, whose fit and style suits you the most. Don't wander around every shop, save your quality time.
  • Take only 3-4 pieces at a time into the fitting room for better judgement.
  • Never buy items that are on sale when it's not the sale season, as they are the ones which are absolutely out of style.
  • Make a list of items, but don't be overambitious about how much you can achieve in one day.
  • Take along the shoes you will be wearing with the garment you are buying (optional).
  • Beware of the overenthusiastic salesperson.
  • If you don't like shopping yourself, find a companion with similar taste.
  • If you are not sure of a garment, don't buy it.
  • Be patient, a stylish wardrobe takes time to compile.
  • Wear appropriate inner-wear to better understand the fit.
  • Make sure the item fits well and feels comfortable. Is it tight? Insert that cellphone in the pocket while buying a jeans, sit down and look back if the jeans is gaping around the waist line.
  • If it's over your budget, ask yourself is it worth it?
  • Choose styles that suits your body type.
  • Pick colors that suits your complexion.
  • If you think you have similar piece, revise your closet properly.
  • Do a quality check - seams should lie flat and not wrinkle, hemlines should be flat and straight, buttonholes should not have loose threads, zippers should lie flat, pockets shouldn't gape.

Shop! Shop! Shop! till you drop. Happy Shopping :-)