Style gets engaged to fashion – Bon Voyage / by Jyoti Goel

Lets sail together to the 60’s, when miniskirts and pillbox hat were introduced. Bikinis were in fashion. But wearing fashion was not enough. A key ingredient called style became a must have for a successful look.  Some people started recognizing their unique sense of ‘style’ along with wearing fashion.

Everybody has a personal style but then bringing it into action makes you stand out amongst others. Unlike fashion, style is not a human creation. It's something which you are born with. I believe fashion and style are like husband and wife. Style empowers, enhances and seduces fashion. Whereas, fashion is a constant change but style is something that stays with you no matter where you go or how old you grow. ‘ I am born in the right generation’, wearing modern fashion with a touch of style from a more elegant time, which is now my personal.