Summer Spirit / by Jyoti Goel

I moved to this cultural and historical city of Basel in Switzerland last week with my husband. I got that perfect positive vibe from the city and people here. There is so much to explore and see here that I think I will be behaving like a tourist for the next few months. Its full of art, culture and history here, just like a European city I had imagined. With the mode of settling in, navigating through its logistics everyday and channeling the comfortable way of livelihood in a new country, yet I got the chance to explore the city with carefree spirit!

The Look | Blouse - Vero moda, Jeans - Levi's, Bag - Aanchal Kanodia, Shoes - Pesaro, Accessories - Charming Charlie.

I am so excited and happy to explore new brands. I was always in love with the European fashion and finally I am here. Yeah!! Easy effortless style, little to no makeup, and low maintenance hair (or just put a hat on it!). I scooped it up with colorful tribal looking accessories.