One Sweater 4 styles! / by Jyoti Goel

Autumn is the most picturesque season. Nature is in a creative mood and so are we when it comes to dressing. Leaves on the ground, trees going to sleep, sun & rain together, windy cool weather, crispy mornings, heads tucked in collars, hands fidgeting into the pockets, sipping hot drinks on rushed cold mornings, and us starring in all these scenes, almost always wearing SWEATERS!  Sweaters are primarily required to keep our bodies warm, but fashion sees sweaters differently. For me it’s the colors, the prints, and the different ways to wear that same sweater. Read away for the easy ways to work around that one sweater of yours in the chill with four different styles.

Sweater as a Dress

Set your winter style quotient by taking your neutral cowl neck or turtle-neck sweater and combining it with a fashionable jacket which is either furry, patterned or dramatic. Club it with a fabulous knee-high pair of boots like this one. Add a colored bracelet if your look is all monochromatic and neutral. Achieving this look when it's not winter already is a big take on my bucket list.

Sweater with a belt

A sweater with a belt clinching your waist, giving your body a definition and your look a twist. Wear this over a long skirt or with leggings. This style gives you the body shape that is usually lost while wearing winter clothes. A nice sleek brown or black belt that is not too flashy, is perfect to get this look. I love the way this sweater is paired so effortlessly with the black leggings and the furry boots. If you don’t want to be all experimental, and then wear it with ballerinas and your look will be as fantastic as this one.

Sweater with a skirt

Whoever thought of this combo is no less than a fashion genius! Wear the sweater with a skirt, high waisted adding a broad belt on the waist line and completing the look with ankle boots or stilettos. Hair ties back or in a more casual setting with the sweater just falling like it should. There are multiple ways to pull off this trend -- wear it with contrasting colors, with patterned skirt like this one, or carefully mix and match patterns of sweaters and skirts.

Sweater with your favorite denim

The evergreen combination of a sweater with a well fitted pair of jeans never goes out of fashion. Spark it up with a leather jacket and an accessory, or pair it with a scarf and button-down boots. For the office goers, a sweater usually kills the formal look. So throw a nice shirt collar underneath the sweater neck with your office pant, to make it look fabulous and formal at the same time. Who said you have to compromise on style in winter and in the office. Wear your creams, beiges, blacks and browns over any colored or printed shirts and you will get the desired look.

Thank you! Kari Alfred Profrock for modelling for this post. It was an absolute pleasure styling you.