Thirsty 20's / by Jyoti Goel

Why did I choose this title? While shopping the outfit for my birthday, I was going crazy thinking that I am going to cross that border soon. When you are in your late 20's, you feel like, Oh Shit! I am going to be 30 in a couple of years and there are still things left in my checklist which I want to do while I am in my 20's. Life is never going to be this happening again. For you the clock goes tick-tock-tick-tock. I am like, Oh my God! why is time flying so fast. But I guess it's just the time being feeling. The urge and thirst for more, something more, never ends. And therefore, this look is inspired by all the madness, fun and excitement that we go through when we are in our 20's :-)

I have a soft corner for colorful floral printed blouses with a white or ivory base. When one in my wardrobe gets worn out, I start looking for another one, and finding a good replacement can be tough. This time, the closest I could find is this cut out top from Zara. The shorts are also a pick from Zara, which I plan to rock through the warmer days of fall this year. I love shorts that look like a skirt when put on. This trendy style on you could be the conversation starter for your next dinner, birthday or baby shower party.

The Look| Top - Zara, Shorts - Zara, Clutch - Lou-Lou, Earrings - J-Crew, Watch - Tissot , Shoes - Inc. 5.

This 4 inch stilettos is one of my treasures, and it looks well with almost any outfit.